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How to Bet on Soccer from A to Z for Beginners

How to bet on soccer includes guidance on reading odds, observing the rates, and choosing the right investment option. For beginners, these issues are relatively complex. However, if you refer to some of the information below from Wintips sporty trader, you will easily gain the confidence to participate in betting.

Basic knowledge on how to bet on soccer for beginners

If you're a newcomer, understanding how to bet on soccer is undoubtedly one of your top concerns. To bet confidently, you'll need to grasp some basic knowledge about odds, betting boards, etc.

How to Read a Soccer Betting Board

In any tournament or type of bet, a soccer betting board will include the following important sections:

Match Schedule: Bookmakers will continuously update information related to match times, participating teams, tournaments, etc.

Full Time: Most soccer betting boards have a Full Time section indicating the odds for the entire match.

First Half: The numbers in the First Half section represent the betting odds for the outcome of the first half.

Handicap: This type of bet is also known as the Asian handicap. In the Handicap section, the bookmaker will display the number of goals the favored team is handicapped by.

Over/Under: This type of bet is also commonly known as totals.

1X2 Odds: In this section, the bookmaker will display the 1X2 odds with outcomes for win, draw, or loss.

The above information is what you need to pay attention to if you want to learn how to bet on soccer. Besides the issues mentioned above, you should also pay attention to the numbers on the betting board.

How to Read Soccer Betting Odds

In addition to understanding the betting board, to learn how to bet on soccer, you need to pay attention to how to read the odds, specifically:

0: With this symbol, players will understand that the handicap for this bet is 0.

0 - 0.5: This is also known as a level half ball handicap. When encountering this ratio, you should understand that the favored team is currently handicapping the underdog by 0.25 goals.

0.5: Similarly, with this symbol, the underdog team is being handicapped by the favored team by 0.5 goals.

0.5 - 1: In this case, the favored team is handicapping the underdog by 0.75 goals.

1: This betting margin is quite significant, with the favored team handicapping the underdog by 1 goal.

How to bet on soccer according to each type of bet

The above instructions are just the foundation that any newcomer wanting to learn about soccer betting must grasp. To bet confidently, you will need to explore the most popular types of bets.

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How to Play Asian Handicap Soccer Betting

This type of bet will require you to place a bet on one of two options: over or under. To accurately determine which team to place your trust in, you should refer to the following guide on how to play soccer betting with a handicap.

Asian Handicap Soccer Betting at 0 - 0: You will be refunded your entire bet by a reputable bookmaker if the match ends in a draw. Meanwhile, if a team scores, the bettor will receive a payout if they bet on the winning team.

Half Ball Handicap (½): Bettors will not receive a payout if the match ends in a draw. You receive a payout if you place your money on the winning team.

Three-Quarter Ball Handicap (¾): You will win big if you accurately predict the winning team and bet on the correct goal difference.

How to Play European Soccer Betting

Learning how to bet on European soccer is not difficult. Unlike the handicap, this type of bet only includes the 1X2 symbols.

If you believe in the home team, or the favored team, place your bet on 1. Meanwhile, if you want to bet on the away team, consider the odds for option 2. Finally, the odds for X are the numbers the bookmaker offers in case the match ends in a draw.

Information to Help Beginners Bet on Soccer Totals (Over/Under)

It's not difficult for you to learn how to bet on soccer totals. On the odds board, the bookmaker will post a number estimating the total goals in the match. If you predict that the number of goals will be higher than suggested, place your bet on over, or vice versa.

How to Read Live Soccer Betting Odds

If you're interested in soccer betting, you certainly shouldn't overlook learning about live betting. This form of betting takes place concurrently with the match and is only open for a certain period.

Typically, in the live betting board, the betting odds are immediately to the left, and the odds are to the right. Due to the nature of live betting, these numbers will change continuously. You need to quickly grasp the situation to place accurate bets and win big rewards.

Guide to understanding some other soccer bets

In addition to Asian, European, live betting, and Over/Under bets, bookmakers also offer several other exciting betting options to better meet the entertainment needs of players:

How to bet on soccer even/odd: With this type of bet, the bookmaker will offer two odds for two options, respectively even and odd.

First and Last Goal betting: Players need to accurately predict which team will score the first and last goals of the match.

Card betting: The numbers that bookmakers provide will directly relate to the total number of red and yellow cards issued by the referee throughout the match.


The article has shared about how to bet on football and related information. It is hoped that after reviewing all the instructions above, you have gained the confidence to analyze odds and place sports bets. Wishing all bettors always make accurate prediction football win and achieve success as expected.


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