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Mmoexp FC 24: priced at 24,000 coins for an 86

Hey, FIFA enthusiasts! Today, we EA FC 24 Coins delve into the world of Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) in FC 24 to help you navigate the plethora of options available. We'll discuss the latest additions, highlighting must-have cards and those you might want to avoid. With a wide array of SBCs, it's crucial to be discerning about which challenges are worth your time and resources.

Sinclair – The Only Female on the List:

First up is Sinclair, the only female player on the list, available for the next three days. Priced at 61,000 coins, she raises the question of whether she's worth it. While considered a better player than most, her lack of natural links in an MLS team may make her less appealing. With the abundance of SBCs, it's wise to be selective, and Sinclair may not be a top priority.

Team of the Group Stage:

Moving on to the remaining Team of the Group Stage cards, Igor, the 88-rated center back, stands out as phenomenal value at 18,000 coins. Griffo, at 25,000 coins, is good to great value, especially for those seeking a solid 88-rated card. These SBCs offer great fodder options and can be valuable additions to your squad.

Player of the Months – Griezmann and Verman:

Griezmann and Verman, both with limited time remaining, might not be the best options. Griezmann's finesse shots have lost some appeal, and his SBC remains expensive at 400,000 coins. Verman, while decent, may not justify the investment, considering alternatives in the market.

Undav, Maguire, Dybala, and Mbappe:

Undav, priced at 24,000 coins for an 86-rated card, offers good value, especially for those in need of a reliable striker. Maguire and Dybala, while decent, might not be the top choices given the abundance of center-back and attacking options available. On the other hand, Mbappe, though pricey at 4.2 million coins, stands out as a game-changer and a must-have if you can afford it.

Winter Wild Cards:

The Winter Wild Cards introduced a variety of exciting options. Martinelli, at 64,000 coins, is a good value but might not be a must-complete SBC. HS, the left-back, offers great stats for 160,000 coins and can be a valuable addition to your squad. Balotelli, priced at 60,000 coins, is considered a must-have, thanks to his dynamic and entertaining playstyle.

Amo, Alison, and Briam Diaz:

Amo, an intriguing SBC striker, is worth considering, especially if you need a powerful presence up front. Alison, at 600,000 coins, is a solid center-mid option, but his value might be questionable, considering other available alternatives. Briam Diaz, at 83,000 coins, raises doubts about his worthiness, given the price tag for an 87-rated card.

Icons – Zidan, Usabo, and Hullet:

Zidan and Usabo, priced at 1.3 million and 2.1 million coins, respectively, are considered elite players and must-haves for any squad. Hullet, despite being lower-rated at 2.5 million coins, is praised for his in-game performance, making him a worthwhile investment.

Wrapping Up:

In the ever-expanding world of FC 24 SBCs, being cheap FC 24 Coins selective is key. While some challenges offer great value and can significantly enhance your squad, others might not be worth the investment. Consider your team's needs, available alternatives, and your budget before diving into the latest SBCs. Happy gaming, and may your squad shine on the virtual pitch!


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