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Learn How to Bet on Live Bookmaker Football Betting

Perhaps everyone wants to win in every betting match, and to achieve this, there is no other way than equipping yourself with extensive knowledge and football bookmaker sportsbook techniques to make the right decisions. . Below, we'll share more refined methods and tactics to help you improve your forecasting abilities.

I. Understanding House Odds

1. What is Football Betting?

Bookie odds are soccer odds calculated by the bookmaker and offered for players to bet on. There are many types of bets such as handicap bets, handicap bets, over/under bets, Asian bets, corner kicks bets, yellow card bets, score bets, and many others.

2. Bookmaker Odds Analysis Team

Large bookmakers often have teams of experts analyzing odds to optimize their advantages. From calculating odds to risk management, they always strive to create reasonable numbers and profits for the house.

3. House Odds and Advantage

The house usually always holds the advantage in bets, so if you want to win, you need to clearly understand how to bet and make strategic decisions to take advantage of market opportunities.

II. How to Check Odds Correctly

1. Tactical Thinking

Strategy in betting is important so you can grasp the match scenario and place bets appropriately. Make a plan and control your emotions.

2. Analyze Types of Odds

Each type of bet requires a different way of looking and playing. Understanding handicaps, handicap bets, over/under, Asian, corner kicks, yellow cards, and scores helps you make more accurate predictions.

3. Grab the Underdog

Handicap -¼ and How to Look:

Read the odds to understand why the house gives such odds.

Learn about each team's strengths and weaknesses.

Monitor the win rate to evaluate the attractiveness of the bet.

4. Underdog Betting Strategy

Seize the opportunity:

If the visitor scores first, keep the same position.

If the home team scores first, consider betting over or under 1.75.

If it's the 70th minute and the away team leads, consider betting 1.5.

III. Conclude

To summarize, to better understand the bookmaker scams house odds and have a chance to win, you need to learn how to bet correctly and apply appropriate strategies for each situation. Avoid random betting and always maintain patience and discipline to protect your betting capital.

In the world of football, there are matches where the home team has a handicap of 1.5 or more, especially frequent in major European tournaments, when teams at the top of the table face lower ranked teams. Matches like Newcastle vs Manchester City, Getafe vs Barcelona, ​​Spezia vs Juventus are typical examples. Facing these matches, guests often have to have a very high handicap, sometimes an unbelievable handicap compared to the actual performance of the teams.

Victory Strategy

To win in matches with such odds, not only do you need to know how to bet on soccer, but you also need to follow and update sports information diligently. Reading the team's newsletters and press conferences before kickoff is an important part. If you don't want to miss any details, read our analysis again.

Example Match Analysis

We will analyze a specific match: Paris Saint Germain vs Lorient with handicap 2.25. Grasp the underdog right away, catch the host Lorient +2.25 with a winning rate of 0.94 for the following reasons:

Squad and Player Condition:

Before kick-off, it is impossible to know whether PSG will have enough troops and healthy players or not.

The weather is expected to be heavy rain, which may affect the field and style of play.

Lorient needs points to stay in relegation and may play to the death, which is difficult for PSG.

PSG's Condensed Match Schedule:

PSG participates in many tournaments, from the National Cup to the C1 Cup, leading to divided forces and tired players.

This season, PSG has poor defense and is prone to scoring goals, creating opportunities for Lorient.

Underdog Betting Strategy:

If in the first half Lorient leads 0-1, keep the same position.

If PSG scores first, consider betting over or over 1.75, there is a chance to equalize.

Strategy Round 2:

If at minute 70, Lorient is still leading 0-1, consider betting 1.5 to increase your chances of winning.


Betting on soccer best betting sites malaysia when the home team has a handicap of 1.5 or more requires careful warning and analysis. Learning how to read odds, grasp team information, and use flexible strategies will help you optimize your chances of winning. Remember, patience and discipline are the keys to a successful betting decision.


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