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有沒有對於研究西方古典著作有沒有興趣?如果有,那麼這個書庫值得你來一逛,在這個這個書庫裡,你幾乎能找到所有目前遺存的古希臘和古羅馬經典,好多這個書庫裡的書籍都有希臘文、拉丁文原本以及英文譯本。 據說該圖書館還有英國文藝復興時期的書籍,有莎士比亞和馬洛的完整戲劇。


How to Create a Twitter Account

Creating your Twitter account is quick and easy. Before signing up on any social media sites, it is recommended that you create an email account that will be used solely for social media, so that an employee’s personal or work email account is not tied to or associated with the social media accounts. You can get a free email account by going to sites such as or 1. Go to 2. Click on the “Sign up” button in the upper right hand corner. 3. Enter basic information such as the name of the account, email address and password. Tip: Instead of entering your own name, enter the name of your Twitter handle. For example, if the Twitter handle you have chosen is “@UW[DepartmentName]”, the first and last name could be entered as UW DepartmentName. 4. Click on “Sign up” to continue.…


In the 1990s I worked as a talent scout and band manager. I loved scouting for labels. I was lucky enough to work with a number of small independents and a major label. I would spend my nights visiting rehearsal studios and live music venues.

During the day I would work for the bands I managed. I would spend hours phoning labels and making new contacts. I would spend a small fortune duplicating demos, stuffing them into mailers and taking them to my local post office.

Now the game has changed. In one way it is a lot easier to get your music seen by the right people. In another way, it is a lot harder for artists to get noticed.

With thousands of hours, of new music, added daily, SoundCloud is an ocean of new music. It is also one of…

8 个下载免费 PDF 书籍和文件的最佳网站

您可能非常喜欢看小说,或者需要处理大量文档但不想从头开始编写文档。 在这里,我们收集了 8 个最好的免费 PDF 书籍和文档下载网站,帮助您找到可用于生活或工作的最有价值的资源。

1. 图书大百科

图书大百科 上有超过 50,000 本免费书籍可供下载,其中很大一部分电子书以 PDF 格式保存,可以轻松下载到您的设备上。 所有这些书都分为冒险、历史、奇幻、恐怖、惊悚、浪漫、科幻等 12 种类型。您可以通过浏览类型、查看编辑选择、查看热书列表,甚至通过参与找到答案来快速找到您的书籍 在本网站的讨论中。 从经典电子书到现代电子书,您会在图书大百科 上找到您最喜欢的电子书。 但是,您必须注册才能免费下载,而且有些书需要付费。

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